Friday, June 3, 2011

How do i stop my belt from squeaking?

Yesterday i changed out my alternator in my 98 honda accord ex v6 car. The haines repair manual says i can not adjust the belt tension and it is automatic for the v6 model. Ever since i changed the alternator theres been a slight squeaking noise on the belt that runs with the alternator. I inspected the belt before putting in the new alternator and it looked fine. So what could be causing this or what can i do to elimated this noise? Its not extremly loud but its there when the rpm is at idle or when driving 0-30. When the rpms are up or while driving faster then 30 the noise goes away.How do i stop my belt from squeaking?Try changing belts with a new one, and the belt tensioner. that should do it.How do i stop my belt from squeaking?your idler pully could be going bad.... I had that happen on my 01 mustang... check and see if there are any marks on the block where there belt runs to see if its rubbing.. if there are marks there chances are your idler pully is going bad and your noises are coming from the belt rubbin the block oh and it could also be the tesenior pully tooHow do i stop my belt from squeaking?I would say replace the belt altogether for a test.How do i stop my belt from squeaking?They make a Belt Dressing available at any Parts store....I prefer to Take a Bar of Cheap Bath soap...Drag it against the inside of the Belt..........Works Great

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