Friday, September 23, 2011

How can I fix a stuck car seat belt?

One of my buttons from my jeans pocket fell inside the seat belt and got the seat belt stuck. Now I don't know how to fix it and when I went to the car dealers they said it come with the warranty to get a new one. I don't know what to do.How can I fix a stuck car seat belt?I don't know how having a button get jammed in the seat belt qualifies as a warranty repair item, but if they're willing, just have them do it, what's the prob.

Seat belts should NEVER be repaired, always replace a malfunctioning belt with a new one. The life you save may be mine.How can I fix a stuck car seat belt?You don't say what make / model / year. Several cars come with lifetime seat belt warranties - I know Hondas do. Take that puppy in and ask if you have to pay for a new one and if so how much.

I had a retractor apart once and a coiled spring popped out like one of those trick snakes in the can, but very very much longer. Did I mention it coiled backward of the way it fit in? I got it back in with an hour of cursing.How can I fix a stuck car seat belt?if its covered by warranty it cost nothing but time maybe 30 minutes to replace it... cost you time to shake and poke a round til button comes out either way what id do is have it replace for free or poke and shakeHow can I fix a stuck car seat belt?Send back to the seller and claim it. Is it still in warranty period?

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