Friday, September 23, 2011

How much does a timing belt cost?

I have a 2000 acura integra. It has about 70,000 miles. Do you think its time to change the timing belt? How much does this usually cost? Thanks for the help!How much does a timing belt cost?Use the telephone, and ask our local dealer. Or if you have a owners manual,-- see if they have a reccommendation available!

You don't want to find out that you should have changed it 10,000 miles ago (after it has broken already)! And I don't know for sure how this engine is built, but when belt breaks on engines with out %26quot;relief slots%26quot; cut in pistons, - the pistons hit the valves, and make pretty much %26quot;scrap iron%26quot; out of things fast, - especially if you are going 70-80mph at the thime! This can cost you anywhere from a thousand bucks to price of new engine, depending on amount of damage done!

Some cars have belt changes scheduled every 38,000 miles some much longer! Length of belt life depends on the quality of the belt, and the tension maintained on belt by tensioner, - and generally they still look pretty good up to about '10 minutes' before they break! Cost is from about $20 for some belts -- on up! Labor is the problem,- as they put the engines in %26quot;crossways%26quot; nowdays, - and the space where you have to do the work is very %26quot;cramped, - plus you have to generally remove engine mounts on the end that the belt is on , and suspend the engine while chanigng it! Leave it to %26quot;modern engineering%26quot; to figure out how to make a 1 hour job take 3!How much does a timing belt cost?Yes it is time. Cost $250-400.How much does a timing belt cost?The belt is cheap. The labor prices will add about $300.How much does a timing belt cost?timing belts are usually changed at 100 thousand miles. If you replace your timing belt it's good to change the water pump as well. I paid around 500$ for both. Have your mechanic look at the belt to see if you need a new one.How much does a timing belt cost?$300-600.

Way more at an Acura dealer

Don't worry about changing it until 90,000 milesHow much does a timing belt cost?I have an Acura TL. Don't you have a warranty? Is your Acura a certified preowned? If so you should take your Acura to Acura to get it fixed.

The part itself shouldn't cost anymore then $ 50, it's the labor that's going to break the bank.How much does a timing belt cost?I would say that U need to know which eng u have and I just put in maintenance acura in google and it has all about maintenance for the car, then call your local NAPA store to get a price. I hope this will help!How much does a timing belt cost?It costs nothing if you sell the car.How much does a timing belt cost?check your owners manual but pretty much for any honda product it is 100k. you will have drive belts, water pump and timing belt done at the same time. the price will be around $400. i would suggest using honda parts. they are really well made. it makes no sense to skimp on parts when labor is the real cost. good luck.How much does a timing belt cost?timing belt will cost you around 33 dollars.

ok labor is going to go for 200 dollars anymore dont do it.

I just had it done and it was worth it. the car run's so much better.

To buy the timing belt go to autozone they are cheap

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