Monday, September 19, 2011

How would you make a Household Utility belt?

I am an old man that spends more time looking for things, than I do, doing things. And I thought of this Idea. If I had a Utility belt with the basic cleaning supplies. Like windex, cleaning rags, Etc. I could get more done as I walk around in this fog of mine trying to find things. I see alot of other things I need to do. But that would envole another search to locate the tools for that job which means I have to stop......What was I donig? So what should I put in my tool belt?How would you make a Household Utility belt?A bucket belt is very popular these days. It is a tool belt with lots of slots for tools that fits on the rim of a 5 gallon bucket. A home center would sell both a bucket belt and a bucket.How would you make a Household Utility belt?a hand sized voice recorder you can play back to remind yourself what you were can attach a locator to it,like the ones used to find the t.v. remote.theyre quite,organize all your tools and try to always put them away when youre for the tool belt,i firmly believe theres nothing that cant be constructed using duct tape,bailing wire,and empty beer boxes,all of which i always have in abundance.How would you make a Household Utility belt?Rather than a utility belt, I would recommend a plastic container with a handle in the middle similar to what carpenters put their tools in. I would fill it with windex, paper towels, a clorox cleaner for stubborn spots, a Sun and Earth cleaner to save your lungs, a scrubby for tough things, Murphys oil soap for wood, some clean clothes and a wet one and a Swifter with handle for dusting. Good Luck, my hat is off to you!How would you make a Household Utility belt?MAKE A LIST OF YOUR CHORES AND THEN HAVE A SEPARATE BELT READY FOR EACH CHORE OR CHORES. IF YOU HAVE JUST ONE BELT THE THING WILL WEIGH MORE THAN YOU DO ! THEN IF YOU LEAVE A JOB FOR A BREAK HAVE ONE SPECIAL PLACE TO PUT THE BELT SO YOU WONT FORGET WHAT YOU WERE DOING.
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